Replacing Anger With Pity

I recorded my first ever solo podcast this morning while commuting to work. It was prompted by a reader question about anger after divorce. Specifically, he asked how he could overcome the feeling of anger he felt towards his ex-wife as he now prepared to move forward and work with her to raise their kids. I respond to his question with this brief episode, please excuse the fact that I am battling a cold at the moment, and that this is my first ever podcast. Gotta start somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Replacing Anger With Pity

  1. My two cents, because I have not gone through the madness you have. I wanted to explain why I would have chosen the word ’empathy’ than ‘pity’ but I guess the stream of my thoughts below have dictated otherwise.

    Humans fuck up all the time.

    Starting with myself.

    I remember the irrational anger.

    Of pain I don’t understand.

    But then it was transformed.

    Into empathy.

    Time is a magical spell.

    We’ll look back.

    And wonder what on earth were we doing back then.

    But it’s alright.

    It’s called moving on.

    Smile, pay respect.

    Know you have grown from it.

    How do I become me now if it was not from past experiences?

    Again, it is alright.

    Wish people well.

    There are greater challenges ahead.

    Sooner or later you will have to face the ultimate Devil.


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