I’m Not Mike Cernovich

When I first joined Twitter and stumbled upon the loose collection of blogs known as the “manosphere” I was instantly drawn to Mike Cernovich.

His podcasts were timely for me, they gave me permission to be my own man at a time when I didn’t realize that was an option for me.

Since that time I have watched Mike evolve from a provocative self-help author to the biggest voice outside of mainstream media. A truly amazing transformation.

I am honored that Mike helped me build a following early on, I am forever thankful.

Somewhere in my own journey, though, I tried to be too much like Mike Cernovich. His inspiration was contagious and when you want to be successful it is easy to emulate those that have had success before you.

My last blog had its origins in that phase where I wasn’t thinking for myself, where I was relying on someone else to guide my path. This contributed to my decision to delete it.

Finally, I realized an important truth, I am not Mike Cernovich. Mike is Mike. I am Mark. My life experiences and talents are far different from Mike’s. No superior or inferior, just different.

Was I doing myself any favors by trying to be like Mike? Doubtful.

Sure, we can learn a lot from successful folks, especially on tangible things like marketing strategies and, ahem, mindset.

However, our value ultimately comes from our own unique perspectives. There is no one out there who has the same DNA and life experiences as you or I.

When we write from that unique perspective we find that our audience finds us. As Mike will often say, the internet is massive, even writing for a tiny fraction of it leads to a big audience.

None of us will capture a share of Mike Cernovich’s audience, but we can capture our own sliver of the net. We can speak our own truth.

People read my blog and twitter because they can relate to my experiences, or learn from them. They see the world the same way I do, or see value in my viewpoint. MY viewpoint, not my interpretation of Mike’s viewpoint.

I no longer agree with many things Mike says or does, and that’s a good thing, because I’m not Mike Cernovich.


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